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The map and cue sheet for ride #1 one has been updated. The route has been changed to go to the end of Marbleton Road, adding 4 miles to the route.


Ride #3 has been changed to Sunday, May 29th, so we don’t conflict with the  Pedalfest in Elizabethton on the 28th. #3 will be the hardest of the three, so don’t go to hard at the Fest on Saturday.

Route # 3 cue sheet has been posted on the maps page. Note that the course map has also been modified from the original that was posted earlier in the week. A really big hill was taken out toward the end of the ride.

New roads include:

  • Old Stagecoach Road which removes a long section of Bowmantown Road.
  • Rocky Hollow Road circumnavigates Stuart Hill, but does not reduce the amount of climbing.

The route also turns off Greenwood onto Summit to avoid the relentless last three hills.


  1. Print name and address on ride roster
  2. Complete and sign a”Standard Athletes Entry Release Form”
  3. Get your drawing ticket.

Thanks to Hampton Trails Bike shop and Dick’s Sporting Goods for drawing prizes.

1 Hampton Trails embroidered hat
3 Apparel accessories from Sugoi (Hampton Trails embroidered)
2 pair of Socks from Curve and 1 pair from Smart Wool
1Park Tool Micro Pump, 1 Park Tire Boot Kit
1Arundel bottle Gage
1Camelback Water Bottle
1Cateye Computer
Gift certificates from Dick’s Sporting Goods 2-$20.00 certs, and 12-$5.00 certs

Discount coupons from Dick’s Sporting Goods for everyone. Be sure and pick one up at registration! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday for WEFR #2. There were 28 riders total. We hope the drawing prize winners enjoy their prizes and be sure and thank  Hampton Trails and Dick’s Sporting Goods. No pic for a WEFR #2 page. If anyone took any send them to me so I can post them. Look for the route map link, cue sheet and drawing prize list later this week.

First off, we rode the course yesterday and marked the course with Pink Paint. A lot of last years markings are still there, faded, but legible, so look for both the old and new markings. Mike W. noticed a mistake on the cue sheet and that has been corrected. Be sure and get the correct version here. This ride is pretty tough for this early in the year. A lot hillier than I remember.

Thanks to Hampton Trails Bike shop and Dick’s Sporting Goods for drawing prizes.

Apparel accessories from Sugoi
Socks from Curve and Sock Guy
Park Tool Products
Arundel bottle Gage
Camelback Water Bottle
Cateye Computer
Gift certificates from Dick’s Sporting Goods
Discount coupons from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The next WEFR will be on March 13th and with the possibility of cold temps again, we will change the start time to 10:30 am, that’s 10:30 AM. The route map has been deployed to the maps page, along with a cue sheet for this ride. Hope for a bigger turnout for the next one. Remember these are fun rides and are unsupported. All rules of the road apply. Be sure to bring enough food and drink for 50 miles. Please be able to maintain at least a 13 mile per hour average speed, be able to ride 50 miles, and most importantly be safe.  Stay tuned for more updates on drawing prizes from Dick’s and Hampton Trials!

11 of the toughest men in East Ten showed at the start of WEFR #1 braving the 22 degree wind chill. It was pretty awesome of these guys to come out and support the ride in these conditions. Thanks a lot guys.  Don’t forget the WEFR #2 on March 13th. Keep checking back here because will likely change the start time.

WEFR #1 Pics

Hello folks the weather for tomorrow isn’t looking that great, but I’ve talked to some of the local riders and they still want to ride. Just thought I would let everyone know that it’s still on. If you can’t make it tomorrow remember there two more in March and hopefully the weather will cooperate for the other two. Probably look at starting the other two later in the day. Don’t know who the idiot was that decided to have a ride at 9:00 AM in February, wait that was me.

The course for fun ride #1 has been marked with fluorescent orange arrows. Due to snow the climb across Buffalo has been difficult if not impossible. Whoever is responsible for snow removal on Dry Creek road hasn’t seemed to be able to salt or scrape. On a recent ride only a lane the width of a car tire was open across the whole mountain. As a result, we have marked an alternate route. If snow is on the mountain please follow the alternate route. Please see the Maps page for a photo and explanation.

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